Saturday, April 22, 2006

Virgin Atlantic Reveals How Web Analytics Is Used To Restructure Its Marketing Campaigns At The Emetrics Summit 2006

Target Marketing, offering strategic Internet marketing consulting, today announced that Patrick Odey, Virgin Atlantic’s Web Site Manager, will be a key speaker at this year’s Emetrics Summit in London (
The Emetrics Summit is the premiere global event and executive forum for the web analytics industry. Patrick will use the Virgin Atlantic model to show how upgrading their web analytics brought about not only a wealth of new information but also a new way of working on campaigns and user testing. Patrick said, “ Virgin now has a much wider range of users looking at web analytics to make better decisions. I will show how we get the business owners to own the web data as well.”

Emetrics Summit 2006 will be held at the Radisson SAS Portman Hotel, London, on 3-5 May.

Jim Sterne, President of Target Marketing, said, “We'll be looking at the big picture for web analytics at this year’s Emetrics Summit– what you could and should be measuring, and how, and also the value web analytics delivers to the entire business, not just the online operation. Then, we’ll go beyond the nuts and bolts to where it gets really interesting. We’ll be looking at how web analytics goes beyond why people come to your site only once and don’t return, getting the balance right between an information rich site and one that sells products and how to integrate with your offline campaign.” Sterne added, “Practical value from web analytics, understanding your customers and what you’re measuring as well as its critical importance to online and offline marketing and sales is the focus of this year’s Emetrics Summit.”

Industry-leading analysts will spearhead the event, including web analytics professionals from the following consulting and large corporates:

Tim Boughton, Holiday-Rentals
Dr. Dave Chaffey, Marketing Insights
Patricia Gildea, npower
Andrew Hall, Cricinfo
Nick Hill, O2
Avinash Kaushik, Intuit
Neil Mason, Applied Insights Consulting
Patrick Odey, Virgin Atlantic Airways

Roselle Montesion joins Web Sales Tool team

North Gate Labs announced that the former Director of Interactive Services at Henderson Advertising has joined its Web Sales Tool team. Roselle Montesion, who started and built the Hdrive group within Henderson for the past 8 years, now has responsibilities including New Business and Senior Project Management. Additionally she will lead the newly formed Strategic Internet Marketing Consulting arm for Web Sales Tool.

“The addition of Roselle allows us to continue to grow our marketing and sales divisions” Jeff Papenfus, president of North Gate Labs. “She brings experience from a wide background of creative and web marketing clients increasing our knowledge base for the Web Sales Tool product to meet our clients needs”.

Montesion and Henderson/Hdrive had been strong proponents and clients of the suite of Web Sales Tool products and services for over three years resulting in a string of very well-known, prominent clients that the Web Sales Tool will continue to support.

About Web Sales Tool™
Web Sales Tool (WST) allows advertising agencies, marketing groups and design firms to offer comprehensive website solutions that meet the goals of lead generation, data collection and easy-to-use administration for their clients. Utilizing the agencies’ creative design, navigational ideas and branding themes, WST is an outsourced solution that makes providing and managing websites profitable. For more information on Web Sales Tool and North Gate Labs please visit the web at or call 864.331.0327.